Port Stephens Pet Barn offers a wide range of services to ensure your pets are happy and healthy. We can advise clients on the latest products designed to occupy pets, from scratching posts and climbing towers for cats, chewable toys for dogs (they help save your furniture and shoes), mazes and tunnels for rodents and much more.

Aquarium advice

We offer general pet-care advice and are specialists in the care and maintenance of aquariums. Especially knowledgeable about keeping exotic and tropical, freshwater and saltwater fish, we offer tailored set-up advice for your fish tank and offer tips on keeping it in good condition.

Contented pets

We understand that a bored pet is an unhappy pet and that this can lead to the damage of your precious belongings at home. We provide a range of products for a variety of animals, designed to keep them happy and occupied.

Looking after your pet

Get pet-care tips and advice straight from the horse's mouth (so to speak). Our staff are trained to give helpful advice on caring for your friend, whether it be a fish or bird, a cat or dog, perhaps a horse or something a little more exotic.