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Aquariums: Handy tips and advice
Port Stephens Pet Barn provides advice and supplies the right products to care for your aquarium.
Often first-time aquarium owners are unaware just how sensitive fish are. Unfortunately, their tank ecosystem can easily become unbalanced, leading to illness or untimely death.
Below are some basic tips to owning healthy fish and how to keep your aquarium ecosystem in good condition.
  • Ensure the location of your tank is not in direct sunlight, otherwise it can lead to algae and heat problems.
  • Never use soap or detergent to clean tanks or gear.
  • Where possible add a pump. It helps oxygenate the water so the fish can breathe better.
  • When cleaning tanks, only replace about a quarter of the water with new water otherwise it can shock the fish.
  • When cleaning filters, clean them with water from the tank and not tap water. Tap water contains chlorine and it will kill the good bacteria in the filter.
  • Not all fish are capable or surviving on flake food alone. Check with Port Stephens Pet Barn staff to determine what your fish's diet should include.
  • Don't overfeed your fish. This is one of the biggest killers.
  • Don't add water to the tank directly from the tap, as it most likely will be chlorinated. Allow the water to achieve room temperature and add a water conditioner before adding.
  • When adding new fish, place the bag they came in into your aquarium, allowing it to float for 30 minutes. This allows the water temperature between the bag and the aquarium to equalise before it is released. This will reduce the possibility of shock.
  • When adding new small fish to a tank, ensure there are adequate hideaways in the tank for them to escape from bigger fish, which may become predatory.
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