Aquariums come in many shapes and sizes from a small fishbowl or a stylish piece of furniture to a marine piece as big as a wall. Whatever the size of your aquarium, Port Stephens Pet Barn can provide all the necessary supplies to ensure hours of enjoyment and healthy pets.
We stock a wide range of freshwater and exotic tropical fish and have the necessary plants, lights, heaters and pumps to create a stable aquatic environment.
We sell a wide range of aquarium products, including:
  • A collection of off-the-shelf, readymade aquariums
  • Custom-built aquariums
  • Aquarium stands, furniture, accessories and ornaments
  • A huge selection of filters
  • Aquarium lighting
  • All kinds of fish, including tropical species
  • Aquatic supplies, including fish food and fish-care products
Port Stephens Pet Barn