No 1 for aquariums, pets and supplies
in the Port Stephens region.

Welcome to Port Stephens Pet Barn – your best choice for exotic and tropical aquariums and equipment, pets and pet products in the Port Stephens Shire. Conveniently located at the Oasis Centre in Salamander Bay, the Pet Barn also has a variety of birds, a wide range of pet food, bedding and other items.
No matter your needs, our friendly staff can advise you on all your pet-care requirements.
We specialise in exotic and tropical aquariums and can provide you with the fish and other marine animals – as well as the plants, lighting, filters and pumps – to make a truly superb fish tank.
We stock an extensive range of products – from leads, collars and kennels to rabbit hutches and cages for birds, guinea pigs, mice and other rodents. We stock pet food, grooming accessories and more.
Our trained staff can help troubleshoot any problems you may have keeping your aquarium's ecosystem balanced and healthy. Also, we understand that a bored pet is an unhappy pet and we can advise you on solutions.
We can help you choose the right pet to suit your individual needs. We sell birds, guinea pigs and a range of exotic and tropical fish. We are conveniently located at 5 Town Centre Circuit, Salamander Bay.